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Welcome to Luminess Air! We all want to look our best, and for many, that means that they use makeup to put their best face forward. Today, there are a wide variety of makeup products out there that can help beautify and restore, but one that’s increasingly popular is the Luminess Air brush Makeup System. Yep, Luminess Air has come to your help with your makeup with luminess promo code! As you might guess, this system uses an airbrush stylus to apply makeup. The result is a smooth, revitalized look that is hard to attain without a professional makeup artist or years of personal makeup experience. Airbrush makeup is makeup sprayed onto the skin using an airbrush instead of being applied with sponges, brushes, fingers, or other methods. An airbrush is characterized by 3 major parts. A powered compressor is used to create an even and controllable airflow through a medical grade hose. The hose connects to a metal, trigger-actioned gun. An airbrush system can be altered to suit every type of makeup application by changing the air pressure (typically measured in pounds per square inch) for lighter, heavier, detailed or broader makeups. It is popular in film, theater, bridal makeup and sunless tanning. Systems designed for personal cosmetic use in the home are also available. Airbrush systems designed for home use are usually smaller and work at a lower pressures than systems used in industrial applications. Luminess Air is the #1 Global Leader in Airbrush Cosmetics. Get exclusive price deals with luminess promo code on airbrush makeup foundation, best & cheap airbrush makeup kit, airbrush makeup cosmetics and machine!

Why Luminess Air

Luminess Air excels in bringing you the best value for your money. Our Luminess Air Promo Code is here to Luminess Air Airbrush makeup is the most superior way to apply fast, easy & flawless cosmetics on your face and body every day. Now, airbrushing has become super easy for ordinary gals to apply makeup with results that rival professional makeup artist. Airbrushing is no longer only for special occasions. And airbrushing generally takes 1/2 the time of applying compared to ordinary makeup. Learning to airbrush has never been easier or more fun. Enjoy simple and to follow step-by-step instruction to the basics of airbrushing, finding your airbrush color matching, how to covering imperfections, secrets to minimizing wrinkles & texture, cleaning your airbrush stylus, applying the most natural airbrush blush, concealing tattoos, bronzing your face & body, applying the most flawless eyeshadow and frequently asked questions. Plus, gain premiere access to Luminess events, sales and special promotions. Our team ensures marginal costs against optimal services because your satisfaction is our commitment! Since the first day of operation, the most important part of the Luminess Air’s mission has been the service of our customers. Come claim the luminess Coupon code and discover our award-winning service that sets us apart:

  1. Premium products, when applied correctly, give your skin a natural look and the makeup lasts all day (It doesn’t feel like you’re wearing makeup)
  2. Let your mobile device or tablet become your personal makeup instructor in minutes. Learn the art of flawless airbrush perfection.
  3. Comes with a carrying case that’s convenient for travel
  4. The compressor and stylus are fairly simple to use
  5. Luminess Air has provided a “how to” DVD that helps you learn the system
  6. It’s sweat-proof
  7. The Ultra Foundation is very buildable

Key Features

The Luminess Airbrush Makeup System is a great system for those who want to wear makeup that will last all day, is sweat-proof, won’t clog pores, and won’t irritate sensitive skin. In fact, at the end of the day, you’ll be amazed at how easy it is to clean off the Luminess makeup. And also, check out our Luminess Air Promo Code section, you would be amazed by our amazing prices and special offers!

As you can see, there is a bit of a learning curve that comes with the Luminess Airbrush Makeup System. Luminess has a quicker application process than many of the competing airbrush makeup on the market today. It gives coverage for most blemishes and sun damage that can happen on your skin.

There are 12 different foundation shades available, which grants a lot of coverage for different skin tones. There is no need for a concealer because the foundation covers fine lines and other skin issues. If you have sensitive skin, Luminess is water and mineral based, so it won’t cause a reaction. Due to its unique formulation, it also won’t clog the pores. It’s oil and alcohol-free.

There are eight shades of blush. The kits can be selected by skin tone, which include fair, medium, warm, tan, and deep. The moisturizer hydrates your skin, which is not a feature found in many makeup systems. Luminess comes with a one-year warranty on the airbrush unit. And our Luminess Air Coupon Code is available to give you a great discount on your orders!

Luminess Air is a complete airbrush makeup system that comes with all the tools you need for flawless makeup

Airbrush Stylus – or airbrush gun is the component of this system that you point at your face to spray the airbrush makeup. The stylus has a sliding trigger that allows you to control the pressure of the output; simply push it all the way back for a more concise and pressured spray or press it about midway for a more even and balanced application.

Airbrush Compressor – is the one which supplies pressurized air to stylus. This compressor is one-button unit, simply press the button and plug in the compressor and it will power the unit and send air pressure to the stylus.

An Instructional Video – Learning to airbrush on makeup takes patience and time, this video provides instructions and tips for using the Luminess system.

Foundation – One of the better advantages of this type of makeup is that foundation doesn’t have to be as close to your skin tone as traditional foundation. These two bottles of foundation work well for most skin tones.

A Moisturizer – Luminess uses mineral and water-based makeup, but it always helps to moisturize your skin before use.

Blush – This is an airbrush-specific blush that works effectively like standard blush

Highlighter – If you wish to lighten up a certain areas so that it looks accentuated, then this airbrush highlighter can be very useful.

A Hose – Luminess gives you ample hosing for their airbrush system so that you don’t have to be very close to the compressor.

All of our products, accessories and machines come with a great prices with Luminess Air Discount Code! Make sure you claim you exclusive Luminess Air Coupon Code before jumping to payment!

Luminess Air Systems

Luminess Air has two different types of airbrushing systems for its customers. Since the company understands that people have different levels of skill with their makeup application, they provide these two options:

  1. Luminess Air Legend System

The Luminess Air Legend airbrush systems are definitely designed for people who are relatively new to the world of airbrush makeup. With this system, you can learn to apply a wide variety of makeup effects.

The Legend System lets you customize your compressor and comes in four unique colors that include

Rose gold, and black;

Aqua and white;

Hot pink

Black and white.

This version of the Luminess system comes with:

Two bottles of ultrafoundation

One bottle of blush

One bottle of skin brightening glow

One bottle of moisturizer or primer

  1. Luminess Air Pro System

For more experienced airbrushers, there is the Pro system. While the Legends system has a compressor that has a simple on and off button for operation, the Pro system uses a dial that allows you to select three speeds. These speeds are effectively helping you adjust the pressure per square inch (PSI) of the stylus, which is a nice tool for the more experienced.

In addition to the selection of makeup options that comes with the Legend system, the Pro system also includes a bottle of bronzer.​

Luminess Air Price

Our luminess promo code is to ensure that our premium products and superior services are available at prices that won’t break your budget. Our Luminess Air Coupon Code section is updated frequently! To make sure that you enjoy the best offers of the time, keep an eye on it and when you get the chance, do not let it slip away!​


Where the Luminess system shines is in its compact system. The compressor is very small and will fit on your vanity of shelf without taking up much room. The hose is long and the cabling gives you slack, and when you need to travel, you can place the entire system in a neat carrying case so that you can reapply from a hotel room or wherever you’re staying.


Q: How does Luminess Air work?

A: Airbrush makeup is sprayed on the face or body through the Luminess Air stylus as a fine mist of color that gently covers the skin, giving the appearance of a flawless complexion. Spraying micro-dots of Luminess Air makeup on the surface of the face looks more natural than traditional makeup because it glides smoothly over your skin’s surface and doesn’t exaggerate your pores. This process allows the Airbrush makeup to conceal while enabling your skin to breathe.

Q: What results should I expect?

A: The results you should expect with Luminess Air will be unlike anything else you have ever experienced. Our goal is to provide the best possible product and service, so we have created the most premium airbrush products out there on the market. Not only do we use fabulous ingredients, which leave your skin silky smooth and natural throughout the day, but our Luminess Discount Code has tried to make our products available at a price you can afford.

Q: Can I use this system every day?

A: The Luminess system is designed for everyday use. It is simple enough to use for an everyday look, or easy to glam up for a night on the town. Check out our Luminess Promo Code section and start stocking up Luminess air now!

Q: How much does it cost?

A: Price is the least you need to worry about at Luminess Air! Luminess Air offers a variety of systems for every individual. Our goal is to have everyone love Luminess Air as much as we do! We are proud to offer not only a variety of systems, but a variety of affordable pricing as well. We have pushed and updated frequently Luminess Air Promo Codes for you! Seize the chance to enjoy the most special offers before it slips away!

Q: Can I break my payments up if I cannot afford to pay all at one time?

A: The Luminess system is available on a 30-day trial option which is followed by monthly payments to pay for the remainder of the system after the 30 days. Prices vary depending on the system purchased and the Luminess Air Discount Code applied!

Q: Can I travel with this product?

A: Our Luminess Air products are lightweight and easily transportable for travel. The Luminess Air system is also permitted as a carry-on item. *Remember all airports are different and security may vary. Please call in advance to check with your airline carrier.

Start your transformation today! Thank you for shopping with Luminess Air!