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About Pizza Boli’s Coupon Code and The Profile of Merchant

First opened in 1985 as a small pizza house, Pizza Boli’s now has more than 75 locations to go alongside a new website (www.pizzabolis.com). To make your next business or private event something special for everyone’s taste, you’ll need a variety of menu choices. Fortunately, Pizza Boli’s has come aid! Pizza Boli’s is the place that caters to everyone’s taste from pizza to pasta, subs to salads, our new wings menu, plus side dishes, desserts, beverages and more! At Pizza Boli’s we’re ready to deliver on your next event. Just contact your local Pizza Boli’s for help with menu choices, special Pizza Boli’s coupon code and table settings. Prioritizing customers’ pursuit for deliciousness and supreme savor experience is what keeps Pizza Boli’s ahead in this industry over the past years! Our freshly made pizzas are to amaze you with the premium and most healthy ingredients we choose. “The focus of everything we’re doing in our stores and online is to satisfy our customers: those who have been part of the Pizza Boli’s family for decades.” Yeah, to provide the best food at the most competitive price is our promise and dedication to our customers. The Pizza Boli’s coupon code, which would give you a big discount on our pizzas, is the big thank-you we want to express to our loyal old and new-to-be customers!

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Also, after you are signed up, you will receive one point for every dollar you spend online with Pizza Boli’s. When you reach 150 points, you will receive a Boli’s Reward of $10 off your next online order. Earn 50 points just for signing up!

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Pizza Boli's coupons

Your pizza, your call!

Choose your size:

We have four sizes for you to choose from, just find what may suit you best:  10″ Small, 12″ Medium, 14″ Large, 16″ X-Large.

Choose your crust:

With four pizza crusts to choose from, we are to satisfy each and every “picky” customer: Fresh, Never Frozen Hand-Tossed, Crispy, Thin Crust, Gluten-free, or Healthy Whole Wheat.

Choose your sauce:

The sauce is the soul of a pizza, we have Secret Recipe, Garlic Herb, Alfredo, Tzatziki, BBQ, No Sauce for you to choose from.

Choose your topping:

We have a wide range of toppings for you to choose from: Fresh Mushrooms, Fresh Onions, Fresh Tomatoes, Green Peppers, Banana, Peppers, Broccoli, Fresh Garlic, Green Olives, Black Olives, Jalapeño Peppers, Pineapple, Spinach, Extra Cheese, Feta Cheese, Pepperoni, Grilled Marinated, Chicken Breast, Ground Beef, Ham, Italian Salami, Italian Sausage, Bacon, Anchovies…etc.

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Your pizza, your customization. And do not forget to use Pizza Boli’s coupon code to save you some coin!

Pizza Boli's Coupon Code

Continuous Upgrade and Improvement to better serve you!

Innovation in both the cooking procedures and mode of operation keeps Pizza Boli’s competitive and dynamic. To better serve our dearest customers, we have recently made some updates and improvements in our service which include:

A colorful and clear new website that displays flawlessly on all screens and devices.

A new and larger menu based on feedback from customers.

A re-invented online e-club that offers more special offers and promotions than ever before. Pizza Boli’s coupon awaits.

A new loyalty program called “Boli’s Rewards” that lets customers earn their way to free food with every purchase.

A new app (iOS and Android) for fast, easy and secure mobile ordering.

New gift cards that allow Pizza Boli’s fans to give a gift that they know will be appreciated and enjoyed.

A creative new logo that thoughtfully echoes the past, embraces the present, and points to the future.

An exciting new store design that features modernized esthetics, and a more engaging and stylish decor — but without diminishing Pizza Boli’s signature fun, relaxed and family-friendly atmosphere.

Added Mavrophilipos: “The things that our loyal customers love about Pizza Boli’s — such as our incredible variety, commitment to quality and great service — haven’t changed, and will never change. The many exciting developments underway position us to deliver even more happiness and satisfaction over the next 33 years — and well beyond that!”

Pizza Boli's Promo Codes

We Deliver More, you enjoy more!

“‘We deliver more’ isn’t only our slogan, but it’s also our promise.”

“We Deliver More” means more delicious toppings, more variety, and more taste. And we’re always looking for new ways to bring more to you, like new products and promotions. As always, our focus is on creating new ways to add more to your dining experience. We Deliver More Quality: Part of our commitment to Deliver More is a commitment to delivering more quality ingredients. By stamping our pizzas with our Fresh Never Frozen mark, we ensure that our dough, secret recipe pizza sauce and a special blend of 100% cheeses are never frozen. We are committed to a high level of quality and we strive for this by providing the freshest ingredients to our customers. And with Pizza Boli’s coupon, you could always expect some surprise from us.


Today, Pizza Boli’s has accomplished what other delivery pizza companies have failed to do – offer more toppings and menu items while always delivering more taste at a fairer price. Place your order and enjoy a bite of our delicious pizzas now!

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